Corporate responsibility policy

Dear Customers, Employees and Associates,

or more than 30 years, day after day, with perseverance, endless invention and commitment, we have been creating a brand that is known at present not only in Poland,

JENOX brand lead-acid batteries. We want to develop it dynamically, investing in modern technology, science and our most valuable potential – people.

While moving in these directions, we still want to be guided by values and principles considered fundamental to modern civilisation.

This Policy is a set of basic rules for our business, which we require ourselves, our employees and cooperators to comply with,

thereby wishing to reassure customers that by purchasing our products they are not only supporting progress and openness,

but first and foremost honesty and the rule of law.

We hope that this document will serve the transparency of our activities and allow for even better cooperation.





Marek Bajsert

Prezes Zarządu

Chodzież, dnia 04.05.2022 r.




Compliance with the law

We comply with the law in all areas and in all countries in which we operate. We adhere to the following principle: "He who is honest in small things will also be honest in big things."


Integrity at work

We understand this to mean doing one's job with full commitment and using one's intellectual potential and education, being ready for self-development, respecting working time and its purpose, taking professional actions and decisions in accordance with the law and the good of the company.


Marker fairness

We do this by avoiding contact with competitors unless such contact is necessary and does not violate competition laws. We obtain information on competitors in a fair manner. We do not use confidential information disclosed to us by third parties if we suspect that the party disclosing such information has acted contrary to the provisions of the Act on Combating Unfair Competition or has breached its duty of confidentiality.


Acting fairly towards business partners

We follow selection and cooperation procedures based on the principle of equal opportunities for potential contractors to present offers and loyal negotiations. At the same time, when establishing cooperation, we expect our business partners to confirm their willingness to conduct business in a responsible manner, respecting at least the values that we ourselves hold.


Integrity outside of work

We avoid any potential conflicts of interest in situations where work and private life meet. We use media responsibly. We always behave professionally and do not violate other people's property or use offensive or demeaning language.


Product safety

We pay particular attention to the safety of our products. We design, manufacture and supply batteries in accordance with current legislation, internal and external procedures (IATF 16949:2016) and PN-EN50342 quality standards.



Health and safety at work

We comply with health and safety standards and take steps to ensure safety and good working conditions. We are subject to regular inspections. We oblige employees at every level to take responsibility for health protection and accident prevention in the workplace.

Intolerance of child labour

The minimum age for our employees is the age set by law.

Intolerance of discrimination

We guarantee the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment and respect regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, colour, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political opinion, union membership, or any other differences between people.

Intolerance of corruption

We do not engage in illegal practices or bribery. We do not give or accept any “gifts” in order to obtain or maintain business cooperation, influence business decisions, or provide an unfair advantage in the conduct of business. 

Prevention of money laundering

We do not carry out money laundering activities and we take measures to prevent such situations.

Respecting trade restrictions

We transfer, sell and purchase goods, services, technology, and any other goods in compliance with all applicable national and international export and import control and sanction laws and regulations.

Data confidentiality

We respect the privacy of our customers, employees, business partners, as well as others we come into contact with, protecting their data from abuse.

We protect resources, both our own and those of others in our possession, including trade secrets, from unlawful, unauthorised or irresponsible use.

Environmental protection

We take all possible and reasonable measures to minimise the adverse effects of our activities on the environment.




Every employee of JENOX AKUMULATORY spółka z.o.o. with its registered office in Chodzież shall, at work and, where possible and necessary, also outside work:

  1. Carry out their duties loyally, honestly, impartially and professionally, strive for excellence, constantly strive to improve their qualifications and efficiency, and develop the ability to think innovatively.
  2. Share knowledge with other eligible employees and develop good relationships with colleagues and customers.
  3. Consistently strive to ensure that the working environment is free from all forms of bullying, discrimination, harassment, or other reprehensible behaviour.
  4. Protect company secrets and personal data to which they have gained access.
  5. Make every effort to ensure that the interests of JENOX are properly safeguarded in all situations.
  6. Ensure the proper protection and use of JENOX's assets and intellectual property, as well as those of other entities which entrusted JENOX with their assets.
  7. Immediately report any instances of fraud, abuse or other acts to the detriment of the company, as well as any breaches of applicable JENOX rules and regulations, to JENOX authorities.
  8. Comply with the principles of occupational health and safety and fire safety.
  9. Refrain from accepting any gifts or other benefits, or engaging in any illegal activities, including corruption.
  10. Prevent situations in which their personal interests or the interests of natural or legal persons, or any entities, bodies, institutions, or other entities with which they are in any way associated could be in conflict with the interests of JENOX.
  11. Use social media for internal and external communication in a responsible manner. Use no offensive or demeaning language. Always make it clear directly to their audience that they are a JENOX employee. Never publish content owned by other parties without obtaining their permission.
  12. Never allow personal political beliefs to influence their work performance.
  13. Remember the shared responsibility to protect the environment, reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and recycle materials at every stage of production.




JENOX AKUMULATORY Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością applies a zero tolerance policy towards corruption.

This policy is addressed to JENOX employees, associates and management.

Corruption is requesting, offering, giving or accepting, directly or indirectly, a bribe or any other undue advantage or its promise which distorts the proper performance of any duty or conduct required of the person receiving the bribe, undue advantage or its promise. Corruption includes, in particular, bribery, extortion or inducement, paid patronage, or legalising the proceeds of corrupt activities.

Any employee or other person acting on behalf of JENOX is obliged to avoid conflicts of interest, i.e. situations where a decision-maker or person involved in decision-making has or may have an interest in a particular way of resolving an issue so that the impartial and objective performance of that person's duties is compromised, which has or may have an impact on the protection of JENOX's interests.

It is forbidden to give, offer or accept any gift with the aim of influencing business decisions or gaining an unfair advantage.

Extreme caution should be exercised in situations involving the acceptance or presentation of business gifts, i.e. legitimate gifts, the acceptance or presentation of which does not affect tasks or decision-making and does not oblige reciprocity.

Both purchases and sales are carried out on the basis of transparent and objective rules, in accordance with applicable law and defined internal procedures.

JENOX does not endorse or support any political parties or movements. In connection with the performance of their official duties, JENOX employees are not allowed to invoke political influence.

JENOX takes due care to work only with business partners who conduct business with integrity, committing those it works with to the same standards of integrity as those it itself adheres to.

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