Which battery to choose

Which battery to choose – this is the question faced by all vehicle owners (of passenger cars and vans, for private as well as business use) who have to buy a new device to power their vehicle. The choice of the right battery should be dictated by several key factors. The first of these is its capacity. This parameter must be matched to the specific vehicle, otherwise you may find, for example, that a battery that is too small, firstly, does not fit the car, and secondly, has insufficient capacity to power it.


Therefore, to choose the best battery for your vehicle, you need to pay attention to the recommendations provided by the car’s manufacturer. Verify that its size will allow it to fit freely under the bonnet and that its capacity corresponds to the specifications of the electrical system. If both these parameters match, you can be sure that the Jenox battery you choose will serve you for an extremely long time.

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Car battery selection

The right choice of battery is crucial for the car and its proper operation. How do you choose a battery? What battery should you choose? When selecting a battery, we must pay attention to its parameters, as well as the indications of the car manufacturer contained in the instructions for the use of the vehicle. The battery is responsible for the proper power supply of the most important car components, so when selecting a car battery, you should also pay attention to the number of additional electrical devices installed in the vehicle (e.g. heated seats, audio system, DVD player, etc.). Below you’ll find the answer to the question: which battery should I choose?

What is the best battery for a diesel?

Popular diesel engines can manifest an increased appetite for energy, especially in winter, which can be extremely cold. Therefore, in addition to the right size, which simply has to fit under the bonnet of your diesel, make sure that the battery to be included in your vehicle also has the right capacity.

Automotive batteries

Car batteries are among the most important parts of modern vehicles. They are responsible for starting vehicles, powering their headlights, radio, and dozens of other components responsible for both safety and comfort. You will find a wide range of these products at Jenox Akumulatory, including batteries to suit every type of vehicle – including yours!

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