What is the best battery for a diesel?

Popular diesel engines can manifest an increased appetite for energy, especially in winter, which can be extremely cold. Therefore, in addition to the right size, which simply has to fit under the bonnet of your diesel, make sure that the battery to be included in your vehicle also has the right capacity.


The higher capacity of your diesel car battery will give you more comfort, especially when starting your car. Even if it requires several attempts, you can be sure that your Jenox battery will have enough energy to start the car.

Therefore, if you have a car with a diesel engine, opt for the best Jenox battery. It will give you comfort in everyday use and pleasant journeys, regardless of the season or the length of the planned route.

Diesel cars encounter considerably more resistance at start-up than petrol units of similar capacity. For this reason, they are fitted with more powerful starters and batteries. When selecting a battery for a diesel, it should be noted that modern diesel cars need batteries with a high inrush current. The best battery for a diesel, therefore, will be one where this value is high. For the best selection of a diesel battery, it is worth using the battery search on the Jenox website. You’ll easily find the best product for your specific model according to your vehicle parameters.

We offer several batteries dedicated to diesel engines.


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