Quality policy

Being fully aware that the success of a company depends mainly on meeting the needs and expectations of its customers and their satisfaction, we adopt this quality policy.

By way of continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, we have set ourselves objectives, which include:

  • Building an image of a reliable business partner committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Establishing the JENOX trademark as a symbol of modernity and high product quality.
  • Optimising manufacturing costs.
  • Continuously improving the competitiveness of products on domestic and foreign markets.
  • Meeting legal and environmental requirements.


The stated objectives are realised by:

  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • Learning about current and future customer requirements and expectations in order to meet them and serve them to the highest standards.
  • Active participation of all employees in the planning and achievement of quality objectives.
  • Improving the working environment and infrastructure.



     This Quality Policy has been distributed for use at JENOX Akumulatory Sp. z o.o. The resulting quality objectives are pursued by the management and all employees in their assigned areas of operation.  



Chodzież, dnia 25 kwietnia 2018r.

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