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Jenox Akumulatory

JENOX battery series

The offer of Jenox Batteries consists of five series of reliable batteries: Classic, Gold, Hobby, Super Heavy Duty, and Super Vibration Resistance. Thanks to their different technical parameters and their performance characteristics appropriate for their intended use, our batteries meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.

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Akumulatory JENOX

The Jenox Batteries search engine will enable you to quickly and easily find the most suitable battery for your vehicle. Based on the basic parameters of your car, such as the model, the make, and motor, and the year of manufacture, you can select the appropriate product and find out its catalog number.

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JENOX Gold series batteries are maintenance-free batteries with a low self-discharge level and extra starting power. These reliable and ergonomic rechargeable batteries are recommended for the majority of modern vehicles. All Gold series products are covered by a 2-year warranty period.

JENOX Classic series batteries combine optimal technical parameters configured for all types of vehicles with safety and ergonomics of use while maintaining exceptionally favorable relation between price and quality.

JENOX EFB is a battery designed for modern, middle and upper class vehicles equipped with a START-STOP system. This series is dedicated to cars which make frequent starts and have a large number of current receivers. JENOX EFB is characterized by very strong load-taking capability over its entire service life and high durability in cyclic operation compared to conventional batteries.

Jenox Hobby is a battery designed using the latest technology, and is intended for recreational vehicles. Thanks to its resistance to deep discharge, it is an excellent battery for yachts, motor boats, electrically powered boats, and camper vans. Jenox Hobby is an optimum solution for those who appreciate high quality and ease of use on land and on water.

JENOX SRP (SUPER RHINO PROFESSIONAL) is a modern specialist battery dedicated to transport vehicles and buses. JENOX SRP was created for trucks and buses operating on short distances, which are started often, and their specificity is associated with a high demand for energy. The battery is made using Ca/Ca technology and has high electrical parameters of capacity and starting current.

Jenox SHD (Super Heavy Duty) batteries comprise a special range of products designed for vehicles with high-power motors which work in difficult terrain. These hybrid technology batteries guarantee high energy efficiency and high startup current with a low self-discharge level. Thanks to those parameters, SHD batteries can be used, among others, in trucks and buses.

Jenox SVR (Super Vibration Resistance) batteries are intended for trucks and special vehicles, and are capable of reliable operation in the most difficult conditions. The SVR technology enables the operation of the battery installed in the back part of the vehicle chassis, where it is exposed to the highest vibrations and possible damage. Jenox SVR batteries are specially reinforced and designed to withstand even very strong vibrations.